About Capitol

The Chapter with a Legend!

We are JCI Quezon City Capitol – the local organization of Junior Chamber International (JCI) for Quezon City, Philippines. JCI is a unique leadership development worldwide movement: it aims to be the leading global network of young, active citizens (hence its membership restriction to be within 18 to 40 years of age) by providing development opportunities to its members (be it in personal, community, international, or business development) to be agents of positive change in their local communities.

Ever since being founded in 1961, the “Capitol Jaycees” has charted its way in becoming one of the most successful and respected JCI chapters of the world – from its nearly 60 years of service in Quezon City and the Philippines, to its brainchild activities such as the famed Camp Pag-ibig, The Outstanding Farmers of the Philippines (TOFARM), The Outstanding Policemen of the Philippines (TOPP), Youth Leadership Excellence Awards (YLEA), to name a few, to breeding many luminous leaders who served the local and national government, captains of the industry, as well as made tremendous impact in the JCI Philippines (producing many National Presidents) and the Junior Chamber International movement (such as its principled stand for the inclusion of women as regular JCI members).

The 2020 Board of directors

Executive Committee

  • Deanbert Prado – President
  • John Raymond Fullido – Immediate Past President
  • Neil Hubert Tan – Executive Vice President
  • Arnold Mamaclay – Vice President, International Affairs
  • Jovy Hipolito – Vice President, Community Programs
  • Edwardo Miguel Roldan – Vice President, Business and Finance
  • Mark Jayson Principe – Vice President, Individual Development
  • Macky Castro – Secretary
  • Chester Vistan – Treasurer
  • Jeff Alarilla – Legal Counsel

Directors and Officers

  • Alfred Francisco – Executive Director
  • Raven Solar – Director, Skills Development (Local Training Director)
  • Rem Albandia – Director, Membership
  • Jayrod Danganan – Director, Youth and Sports Development
  • Rhyan Paderon – Director, National Relations
  • Michael Sullivan – Director, Ways and Means
  • George Reblando – Director, Community Development
  • James Chanco – Director, Government Affairs

About us

Foundation Date

1 February 1961

Founding Members

  • Angelo King
  • Agapito Aquino †
  • Eduardo Taylor †
  • Ernesto Pilares
  • Jesus Perlas, Jr. †
  • Jose Concepcion, Jr.
  • Oscar Inocentes †
  • William Shau †